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Barbados Cup 2018 - Danger Players

The Barbados Cup – Segway Polo in Paradise is set to get underway in exactly 2 weeks. Here are some players to look out for:

Olaf Funke

Nationality: German

Olaf Funke founded the very first Segway Polo team in Germany; Funky Move Turtles. Despite not capturing any world titles to date, Funke is capable of carrying teams on his back and inspiring incredible performances. Don’t let his size fool you. He continues to play an integral role in the development of the sport both on and off the field.

Olaf Funke (In possession of the ball)

Ronny Johnson

Nationality: Swedish

With over 4 years experience, Ronny is a nifty attacker who plays his polo with the formidable team Stockholm Saints. He’s the equivalent of a cheatah always ready to pounce on his prey, when he sees his opportunity, and can finish clinically if allowed the space. Most recently, he captured the 2013 Segway Polo World Championship – WOZ Cup and made semifinal appearances in the same competition in 2015 and 2017.

Ronny Johnson

Jonas Bingestam

Nationality: Swedish

Jonas led the Stockholm Saints to the 2013 Segway Polo World Championship – WOZ Cup title and picked up similar results as Johnson in the subsequent years. The tough defender boasts of an accurate shot from distance and the resilience to keep things tight at the back.

Jonas Bingestam (White)

Nathan Angell

Nationality: British

The 2016 Barbados Cup MVP can fit seamlessly into any role once he takes the field, but he fits most naturally into a midfield role. He is evasive and tricky when on the ball, can distribute passes with pinpoint accuracy, and is not afraid to blast the ball past any opposing custodian. He is currently a free agent on the international scene.

Nathan Angell (White helmet)

Andreas Loeffl

Nationality: German

Andreas Loeffl leads the Hannover Hot Wheels with about 3 years of playing exposure. His unique choice in length of mallet paired with his captivating playing style makes him a force to be reckoned with on attack and in defense. He orchestrates counterattacks out of nothing.

Andreas Loeffl (Red)

Daniel Hatch

Nationality: Barbadian

Daniel Hatch is no stranger to finding the back of the net, as he has walked away with awards for ‘Top Goal Scorer’ in many tournaments. With a venomous and accurate shot, he takes advantage of any little room he has. He is a 3-time Segway Polo World Champion, lifting titles in 2009, 2010 and 2017. He also copped 2nd spot in the 2016 European Championships. He adds a wealth of experience to any team he is on, playing since 2009.

Daniel Hatch (Blue)

Nevin Roach

Nationality: Barbadian/Trinbagonian

On his debut in the 2013 Segway Polo World Championships, Roach was awarded ‘Most Promising Player’ and subsequent years of playing showed just why. He became captain of 4-time World Champions Team Barbados in 2015, leading them to consecutive titles that year and in 2017. His unique style of play sees him always on the move relentlessly when the ball is in play. He led his teams to victory in the 2014 and 2016 Barbados Cup.

Nevin Roach (White)

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