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Our Story


Once upon a time on the little island of Barbados, a guy (Jason Gilkes) had an idea. He started a Segway of Barbados Adventure Fun Rides, but wanted some other ways to use his Segways to get his friends together for some fun and camaraderie.

After searching the internet for ideas, he found " Segway Polo" - which was already being played in California and a few other parts of the World.

Barbados has a rich history of horse polo and so, Segway Polo seemed like a natural fit.


After calling some friends, he found a (Horse) Polo practice field (generously offered byTeddy Williams of Apes Hill Polo Club) and started playing some impromptu games. Shortly thereafter the inexperienced "characters" were invited to play a demonstration game after a big Horse Polo Match at Apes Hill.

One Saturday afternoon in March 2009, 8 guys mounted their Segways armed with little knowledge but lots of enthusiasm in front of a large gathering of Polo fans!

Things went well......mostly at the bar after the match, but a short video clip of the game made it to the internet and someone saw it! 

Jason Gilkes

By Monday morning Jason had received an email asking him about the progress of the sport in Barbados! 

Shortly after that Jason got another email from Olaf Funke - at that time President of the International Segway Polo Association, asking if our "Team" would like to come to Germany and play in the 2009 Woz Challenge Cup?

A few phone calls to the "Team" members followed (Most of them are still laughing at the sheer ludicrous idea of playing in a World Cup of anything after one match!!!)

One by one, the stars aligned, coconuts fell from the sky and a Barbados Segway Polo Team was formed!

But what would they call themselves? The Ideas were " flyin".... but they were like a " fish" out of water!

Like most fairytales, this one has a happy ending and in July 2009, 7 members of the Virgin Atlantic, Mount Gay Rum, Totally Barbados, Print Brokers sponsored Barbados Segway Polo Team - The Flyin' Fish, traveled to Cologne, Germany. 

Coming into the tournament as an under-dog team from the Caribbean, the odds stacked against them, went on to victory, bringing home the title and the Woz Challenge Cup to Barbados!

Following this achievement the Flyin' Fish Team were presented with the opportunity to host the Woz Challenge Cup which they accepted!

The success of the Flyin' Fish also brought more interest in the sport and more players to the field, resulting in a second Barbados team to be formed, the Barbados Rum Runners.


Woz Cup 2010 was held at Lion Castle Polo Estates, with Barbados being host to six overseas teams. After four successful, fun filled days of play, the Barbados Rum Runners, with only three months of practice, charged to a 4th place overall finish. 


The defending Woz Cup Champions, the Barbados Flyin' Fish repeated their domination of the sport in front of a home crowd, winning the final against Germany's Blade Pirates to become double Woz Cup Champions.

Please click on the link for more information: Woz Challenge Cup 2010.

In subsequent years, Segway Polo teams from Barbados went on to win the Woz Challenge Cup more often than any other team, namely in 2015, 2017 and 2019, making Barbados the only country that has won the 'World Cup of Segway Polo' a total of five times.

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