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Why play Segway Polo?


  1. IT IS FUN: While it may seem impossible to look 'cool' on a Segway, these technological marvels are incredible fun once you get on one. The most you'll ever have on two wheels.

  2. SPORT OF EQUALS: The Segways are great equalizers. Every Segways' power and top speed is the same, so regardless of whether you are young or old, male or female, everyone can be on the same team and play in the same competition. There are no age or gender categories. It all boils down solely to individual skill and decision making!

  3. COMPETITIVE: The learning curve is steep and relatively new players can quickly join competitive matches.

  4. TACTICAL: Just like 5-a-side football or hockey, team play and tactical awareness are just as important as individual skill.

  5. VARIETY: Segways do not get tired during a match, and players can find themselves continually switching between defense and attack.

  6. PHYSICAL: The field is small, the Segways are fast and there is little time for rest during each of the four 8-minute chukkas. 

  7. INTERNATIONAL: Segway Polo is a global sport.

  8. FRIENDLY: The global Segway Polo community is still small, and players meet each other (and families) on a regular basis.



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