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Segway Polo Returns to Paradise

Nicholas Eastmond in Segway Polo action

Reigning Segway Polo World Champions, Barbados, are set to continue their contribution to local sports tourism next year when they host the 3rd edition of the Barbados Cup; also known as “Segway Polo in Paradise”.

According to Nevin Roach, President of the Segway Polo Club of Barbados, the competition is one of the most anticipated events in the international Segway Polo community. “The players and their families love it because it’s like no other tournament”, he explained with a smile. “We invite experienced and new players from around the world, draft them into teams with the locals, then we compete and have fun”.

Roach added that not only is a unique playing experience offered by his club, exhilarating off-field activities such as watersports, sightseeing and cruising are strategically planned to complete an all-encompassing package. “Apart from hosting a great tournament, another main focus of ours is to sell Barbados as a top tourist destination in the Caribbean which would in turn bring in much needed foreign exchange and revenue to local tour operators and hoteliers.”

To date, numerous players have already stated their interest in participating and some have even booked flights and accommodation for the competition, which is slated for May 18 – 21, 2018 at the UWI Hockey Turf. Head of the Local Organising Committee, Ralf Luther, reported that the 2016 event attracted more than 40 international visitors and that number is expected to increase based on feedback thus far. He also mentioned that countries such as the US, UK, Sweden, Germany, India and Spain among others, will be represented.

The sport of Segway Polo merges elements of horse polo and hockey, with the five players on each side riding a Segway PT on the field. The rules have been adapted from bicycle polo and horse polo. As all of the Segways used are identical, male and female and players of all ages can play on the same team, branding the sport as the “Sport of Equals”.

The Segway Polo Club of Barbados would like to thank the BTMI, Courtesy Rent-A-Car, Academy of Sport Cave Hill, What’SUP Paddle Boarding, Totally Barbados, Earthworks Pottery and Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises for their support.

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